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About us


To professionally create, capture and produce still and moving images that effectively tell a story or channel a message. Every project will be completed with deliberate attention to aesthetic and technical details, and a solid guarantee of satisfaction to every customer.


Still-Photography – fashion shows, shows,modeling portfolios, weddings, parties,promotional

Videography – music videos, documentaries, fashion shows, commercials, weddings, parties.


The climb to the top for Ritch Image Productions began in the summer of 1997. Initially only still- photography services were offered. However, after proving his mastery of the fine art and science of still-photography, Ritchie “Ritch” Francis, the founder and operator of Ritch Image Productions, quickly extended into videography. Today he utilizes state-of-the-art technology, a sharp eye for compositional details, and precise editing skills in each one of his quality productions.

According to Ritch, the driving force of his business is his positively-charged attitude toward his work. As he puts it, “Never give up. It will happen if you really desire to make it happen. Success begins with a thought, but it is realized with solid plans and deliberate action.”

And when it comes to getting a job done on time, Ritch has zero tolerance for tardiness. “Time is money. Respect for time makes everyone a winner,” Ritch declares.

Ritch Image Productions is one of NYC’s fastest growing photography and video production establishments.